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Where is your house?

Okay so I know it’s Sunday, I promised this on Wednesday. Very sorry my internet has been the pits and I was gone this whole weekend, but without further a do! Here is your housing options for College Program. 


Well you have 3 choices if you’re a CP! You have Vista Way the original housing complex, you have Chatham Square, and the newest addition Patterson Court. If you’re on the ICP program CRP you are eligible for The Commons only. So let’s get started! All housing has options for 2 people up to 6 in an apartment, they aren’t co-ed so boys and girls can’t live in the same apartment BUT they can surely live on the same floor and building. All housing has 24 hour security and there are bus stops as well as computer labs and you can rent books and movies. You have pools and tennis courts as well as basketball courts and a gym. So you have plenty of options for the night. WARNING: The Commons is not serviced by the Magic Kingdom bus, if you live there and want to go to the Magic Kingdom you have to walk to Chatham. Also between the hours of 8AM and Midnight (I think it is, if not it’s 11) you can travel freely between complexes, no overnight guests etc etc. (if you guys want I can show you how to bend the rules a teeny teeny bit let me know?)

Vista Way. Oldest and First CP housing (post Snow White Village). 

So Vista Way is the cheapest out of the housing. When I lived there, I lived with 5 other girls and paid 77 dollars for my rent. It’s located off of Apopka and Vineland so next time you drive you can see it, and you usually spot it as you come off of I-4. 

Vista is where you sign in when you first arrive, so all CP’s have to pass through this housing complex. This complex has a reputation for partying, boozing, it being loud, dirty and old. 

It’s not the case, some of the apartment’s are actually well kept. Some aren’t, I had the misfortune of having one that wasn’t in the best shape and we had some issues with mold and such. It happens like it would anywhere else, you have to take the bad with the good. 

The good part about Vista that if you are social, you can for sure meet people and be able to make some great friends. We used to walk from our apartment to our friend’s and spend the night there playing games and such, it was a lot of fun. The good thing about Vista is that there are always people out and you can talk to them. 

ALSO WARNING: Vista has retention ponds, I don’t know what they are little lakes? But they tend to smell a bit since they are standing water, I know when I was on my CP they were gnarly I have heard they have been cleaned up since. But still I wouldn’t edge too close to them or fall in. 

Though it’s a double edged sword, some nights the partying is really loud so you may lose a bit of sleep. And security is a bit dimwitted, I had them knock on my apartment about a noise complaint that never occurred because we were sleeping. But it happens and you deal with it. 

I like Vista because it’s social. You can always make new friends and spend time with them, the best part about Vista it has the bus stop inside which is awesome (there’s that rule bending again). 

Vista is also located next to a Walgreens, a gas station, the Chick-Fil-A and a Bennigans (I don’t know if it’s closed), so you can get some essentials at Walgreens to hold you over till your next Wal-Mart or Publix trip. Also with Vista if you like to party the infamous Party Bus picks you up right in the Walgreens parking lot which is nice. 

Chatham Square. Post Vista. Located near Mickey’s Retreat. Shared bus stop. Both Patteron and Chatham are located in Little Lake Bryan. 

Little Lake Bryan is right off of Apopka and Vineland to the right hand side as if you were going towards the crossroad shopping center and Downtown Disney. It’s a lot quieter back there and right near by is the Professional Intern housing. 

So Chatham is a newer the Vista obviously, and it is a bit nicer in some sense. The housing is the same as mentioned above. The difference with this one is that fact it is newer. It does have it’s stains, and odd smells too like I said it happens with every apartment. 

It’s 10 dollars more to my knowledge but it is quieter. Chatham is a lot more quiet than Vista also the laundry facilities are located in a building at Vista they are located on the first floor of each apartment. Another fact about Chatham is that it is located near Mickey’s retreat. It shares an external bus stop with Patterson and security isn’t as dimwitted I have heard. 

Patterson Court. Newest housing. 

Patterson is located right next to (albeit behind since the entrance is pushed back on a cul-du-sac) Chatham Sqaure. It is the most expensive of the 3 since it is the newest. Like Chatham it’s a lot newer and a nicer than Vista. I can’t say it has the odd stains and smells, because the one time I went the apartment smelt so new it didn’t seem to have time to have a weird stain. 

It’s quiet like Chatham and shares it’s bus stop with it. Patterson also has the nicest pool complex out of all the housing, making it the best spot for CP parties. 

I can’t say too much about Patterson since I was only there one time. Any input on Patterson from former CP’s it is appreciated. 


The Commons. Little Lake Bryan. International housing. 

There isn’t much I can say about CRP housing being that I never went in or had a reason to be there with the exception of one time. It’s really nice from the outside as you can see. I also know the A Bus (Services Magic Kingdom, West Clock, and TTC (Ticket and Transportation Center) does not service this housing. 

Here is the only thing I know about this one, the bus stop is in after security and also you can cross to the outlet’s from there. I know the housing is nice because it’s relatively new, and I know it’s probably priced between Chatham and Patterson. 

If there is anyone who can talk more about this housing please contact me. 

So that is it on housing, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact me. If you have anything to input please let me know so I can add more information. Or address housing better. 

TIP TIP TIP! Here is a tip: All the beds suck, doesn’t matter where you live the beds are terrible. So if you can bring a mattress pad or purchase one DO it, it will save you a headache and the back ache plus they make a terrible squeaking noise when you move on them without it. 

Good Luck!

(Credit for the housing sign photos to their respective owners)

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